Call For Paper is Open for Vol.5 No.2 July 2019, Please submit your Paper before 30 April 2019.

Vol.5 No.1 : January 2019

Cover Page



Paper Title

Author Name Page No
1 Smart Audit using Information Technology Nikheil Mehta 01-05
2 Fuzzy Logic Trust Based Routing in Wireless Sensor Network Manwinder Singh, Ashima Rai, Dr. Manoj Kumar 06-15
3 Automated Classification of Retinal Diseases in STARE Database Tooba, Syed Omer Gilani, Adeeb Shehzad, Mohsin Jamil, Shafaq Mushtaq, Sumbal Mushtaq, Asim Waris 16-25
4 Tutorial for Deaf – Teaching Hindi Alphabet using Synthetic Animations Lalit Goyal, Vishal Goyal 26-33
5 Novel Detection and Decoding Technique to Optimize Performance in MIMO Communication Systems Wurod Qasim Mohamed and Karim Hamidian 34-46

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